Melody Mo, Massage Therapist

Melody Mo,  Massage Therapist

Melody Mo

Massage Therapist

Melody graduated from University of California, Berkeley with her B.A. in Political Economy. After her year-long study abroad program in Ghana, she caught the travel bug and went on a 3 year solo journey around Asia with just her camping backpack and a long list of things to learn. When she made it to Thailand and India in 2013, she got hooked on bodywork. She was driven to become better and better at her work when she realized - especially in our fast-paced world - everybody can benefit from massage.

She has had just over a 1000 hours of training in Thailand, India and the USA in yoga and massage. Her bodywork toolbox includes: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai and Abdominal massage. She is adept in working with various populations from all body types, pregnant women, seniors to athletes. She strives to compassionately and therapeutically treat each individual she touches. For her, it is so incredibly satisfying to be able help her clients deeply relax and as a result, empower them to move their bodies with more ease and joy.

Outside of giving massages, she is preparing to apply to graduate school for Physical Therapy; and in her spare time, she loves receiving massages, doing yoga, talking to people from all walks of life and being outdoors as much as possible.